The Citizen Athlete Project

About Us

We help develop tools to live Happy AND Successful lives.

We call this a “Project” because our mission is not to sell a “self-help” program, our mission is to change the world one person at a time. We believe that if one person can develop the attributes of great Citizenship, others can be inspired to develop quality attributes as well… attributes are contagious (habits are not). We have been inspired to select 7 critical attributes to great citizenship and have made them available in a simple program, an Online-Initiated, Real-Life activated program – dedicated to helping people of ALL ages develop tools for Happy AND Successful lives.

Meet our Ambassadors

Founder & Ambassador

Ken Bromley


Ken is the creator of the Citizen Athlete Program, which is an outgrowth of his greater than 25 years of experience in the fitness industry as a trainer, manager and coach.

Ken realized early on that his purpose-driven, values-based coaching philosophy resonated with his athletes and led to winning teams, camaraderie, and the positive growth and development of his players. Ken also appreciated that the effects of living by these Core Values were not limited only to athletes, but could be experienced by all people.

Now Ken is on a personal mission to displace the negative “win at all costs” mentality in our public school athletic programs with the teachings of the Citizen Athlete Core Values and to also introduce the program to sports clubs across America.

Program Co-Author & Ambassador

David M. Boone

David works closely with Ken and has played an integral role in the development of the Citizen Athlete curriculum. As a high school mathematics teacher, Head Track & Field Coach in the Minnesota State High School League and Track & Field Coach with the USATF, as well as a Registered Athletic Administrator with the NIAAA, David has a vested interest in the Citizen Athlete Program.

In addition to his teaching and coaching for Edina High School, David is also a School Board member for the Robbinsdale Area Schools. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience working with student athletes and is passionate to redevelop the focus and intent of extra-curricular activities to support the young athlete’s personal growth and development in education based athletics.

Program Co-Author & Ambassador

Rachael Maruska

A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Board Certified Behavioral Analyst… Rachael was born and raised Minnesota and attended University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire for psychology and has completed two masters programs. A mother of two daughters, employed as a psychotherapist for a mental health agency working with troubled children and teens, and continues to reside in Minnesota.

The Citizen Athlete Project is incredibly fortunate to have someone with Rachael’s breadth of experience; it includes working with trauma and children, persistently mentally ill adults, autism, and families. She became involved in the Citizen Athlete Project in fall 2020 as a consultant and support staff. Her experience in mental health was instrumental in building the Citizen Prentice Program .

Tidbits: At age 15, she attended an Astronomy Camp in Arizona; her celebrity crush as a teen was David Duchovny from the X-Files; her guilty pleasure is post-apocalyptic novels. She fills her time with mom duties, being a good friend and balancing her semi-balanced, always improving life.


Kira Engebretson

From 2009-2012 Kira was a member of the Wayzata Girl’s Rugby Club, where she had the privilege of working with Coach Ken Bromley. Ken challenged Kira to think critically and act purposefully. She feels that he served as an inspiration for her to take initiative and to strive for quality: not just on the field, but in all dimensions of life.

Kira recently graduated from Iowa State University with a B.S. in Psychology. Her emphasis was in cognition and neuroscience, which will be her eventual focus in graduate studies. This background is why she had immediate draw to be involved with the Citizen Athlete Project. It is her goal to help communicate the program’s ideas, initiate the project for interested individuals, and interact with our followers about their goals and progress.