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Determination – the Ice Man

What is Determination? According to the dictionary it is defined as “a firmness of purpose; resoluteness.”

“… he advanced with an unflinching determination.”

This is a perfect description of an amazing person and character… Wim Hof.

I am impressed by people who are so determined to bring their mission forward that they are blind to the energies and intents that might derail them.

One of these people, to me, is a man named Wim Hof. Wikipedia says:

Wim Hof (born 20 April 1959), also known as The Iceman, is a Dutch extreme athlete noted for his ability to withstand freezing temperatures. … He attributes these feats to his Wim Hof Method (WHM), a combination of frequent cold exposure, breathing techniques and meditation.

He started his work decades ago and has had some of the most reputable universities and medical institutions in the world research his abilities. All of them looking for the thing(s) that make him so different than the rest of us.

Wim Hof first gained attention when he successfully remained submerged in ice for almost 2 hours without any drop in his core body temperature.

He has swum in arctic waters for distance in open water.

He has used this breathing technique to scale Everest in shorts.

Run an unassisted marathon in the Namib Desert.

Wim Hof set the Guinness World Record for farthest swim under ice, with a distance of 57.5 metres (188.6 ft).

Hof set a world record for fastest half marathon barefoot on ice and snow, with a time of 2 hours, 16 minutes, and 34 seconds.

Wim Hof has set the world record for longest time in direct, full-body contact with ice a total of 16 times, including 1 hour, 42 minutes and 22 seconds on 23 January 2009; 1 hour, 44 minutes in January 2010; and 1 hour 53 minutes and 2 seconds in 2013.

In 2007, Hof climbed to an altitude of 7,200 metres (23,600 ft) on Mount Everest wearing nothing but shorts and shoes, but aborted the attempt due to a recurring foot injury.

In 2016 he reached Gilmans point on Kilimanjaro with journalist Scott Carney in 28 hours, an event later documented in the book What Doesn’t Kill Us.

… and more.


Wim Hof uses breathing techniques and exposure to cold temperatures to make him impervious to elements and disease. So he claims, and a lot of the experiments he has participated in support.

He claims to be no special human. In fact, he has an identical twin brother who does not practice any of these techniques and cannot (at will) accomplish any of what Wim does, therefore Wim has declared that anyone can learn his techniques and benefit from them within minutes of practice – not days, weeks or months of practice, but minutes. His determination to help anyone wanting and willing to feel and BE better is truly impressive.

His experience has been so vitalizing he has become a world-renowned evangelist on the technique, and in sharing the science and scientific findings supporting his position; that breathing is powerful and important. You can find many dozens of articles written, television and radio interviews, a TEDx Talk, and many podcasts with him sharing his experiences.

For a start, check out these two podcast:

His Focus on his mission to help anyone who wants help, his Discipline to hold his course and be open to critical perspectives like science, and his seemingly endless Drive or energy to invest in the moment are all very contagious.

Whether you agree with his process, perspectives, philosophies, premises, or promises… or have any interest in creating something within yourself, Wim Hof is admirable for his personal and professional Determination.



When I learn about or have the privilege to meet people like Wim Hof – Focused, Disciplined and Driven – my life is never the same. The change might be momentary like a moment of Joy, or could be immediately useful like a fortification of my Will, or it could even be something more profound like a shift in my Character.

Either way, I cherish opportunities for encounters with new personalities and ways of thinking. Do you?



Share your thoughts on Determination and what it means to you.

Maybe you could even share a favorite encounter with a new personality or way of thinking about things.