Every Organization benefits from having many tools for Personal Growth and Personal Performance

Qualified Organizations will receive FREE Certified Citizen Athlete Coach’s programs – a $950 per program value.

Having a “Club” within your Organization dedicated to Personal Growth and Personal Performance benefits all parties involved; the Organization, the Coaches and the Participants.

Create Certified Citizen Athlete Coaches within your Organization.

Simply email us with your Organization information (details below) and we will help you get that started.

Find people within Your Organization that want to BE Better, and connect them with Your Certified Citizen Athlete Coach.

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Provide the What AND the How...

This program can be the Hydration to the dehydrated elements that sometimes plague a well-intended system. Like “Mat Chats” in the Martial Arts communities, or Performance/Motivation programs in the Corporate world, or the weekly Readings in spiritual societies, et al.

EXAMPLE: a leader or instructor might tell their staff or student “determination is the key to success”. They have successfully told them what the key to success is, but not how to get it, or BE it.

Now imagine you have a component or community (“club”) within your Organization designed and dedicated to guiding that staff or student through how to BE Determined, or how to embody Determination. That is the Citizen Athlete Project’s purpose, to help people find their way to “hydrate” those wonderful elements we strive to instill in people. To give those structural elements of Happiness AND Success form and function.

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