"When it comes to those things that we do everyday, the things we ought to do, the things we do to 'do the right thing' - the things we embrace in the interest of being better, of being nicer, being stronger, being happier - well... don't celebrate them when they arrive... just BE them!"

~ Coach Rhino

Celebrate Life, Love and Luck!

What, When and How do You Celebrate? Do You Celebrate the "Ordinary"?


This is one of the most recognized photographs in history. It is a moment of pure celebration. Many people all over the world believed that the end of life on earth as we new it was near. Evil had spawned, affecting nearly 2/3 of the "civilized" world, and Earth was certainly doomed. Then the standards of work, commitment and courage all elevated, becoming the new "ordinary". Millions of good people all over the world went to fight evil, and won! After over 5 years of terror and pain and death, we could finally celebrate LIFE!

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Find the extra-ordinary things in you and celebrate LIFE!


There are many kinds of love - family, friends and romance are probably the "Big 3" that most people would recognize.The ancient Greeks recognized 8 different kinds of love: Eros, Philia, Storge, Ludus, Mania, Proagma, Philautia and Agape. Love drives us to take risk, reach beyond who we are and embrace a different or new "ordinary". However many kinds of love you recognize, at least one will influence your day and give you an opportunity to experience something extraordinary... when you do, celebrate LOVE!

When do you celebrate love? When you feel moved, inspired or changed by an extraordinary experience? Or do you only celebrate the things that ought to just BE? 

Find the extra-ordinary opportunities around you and celebrate LOVE!


Luck is a blessing, a fluke, a Godsend, karma, kismet, etc... pick a word and you'll have a different interpretation of the meaning of luck (to you). All that is in common with these words is that they are associated with an occurrence that is beyond the ordinary, and maybe beyond explanation for it happening "that way". The way or how unforeseen things happen can be interpreted as good or bad. Either way, it is still some kind of luck in play... so when the "good" happens, we need to celebrate LUCK!

How do you celebrate the unexpected? Does it depend more on the circumstances or the timing of the extraordinary experience? Or do you celebrate the things that ought to just BE?

Find the extra-ordinary things in you and celebrate LUCK!

Celebrate Life, Love and Luck!

Imagine all those things that you want to BE, how you want them to BE, and when you want them to BE, and...