Inspire Cultural Evolution and Community Engagement.

BE a key to the success of YOUR Organization.

Our 3 Roles for Evolution and Engagement

Use these three Roles to Engage, Inspire, and Support the people in your Organization. And to create a presence in your communities that connotes Integrity, Excellence and Fellowship.

Make the Citizen Athlete Project a "Club" within Your Organization. It's effects within your Organization can be anything from traffic building to leadership development.

Engage and Evolve...

How the Citizen Athlete Project can add value to Your Organization.

  • RELIGEOUS: an ideal place for Certified Citizen Athlete Coaches is within groups dedicated to exploring and sharing ways of Being and Thinking; their presence provides a vehicle to fortify and stabilize a following.

  • RECOVERY: becoming Citizen Athlete Prospects allows people to explore their own Value System, and actively create their own unique Culture of Happiness AND Success… supporting the work they need to do to BE Better.

  • RECONNECTING: your group can benefit from adopting the Citizen Athlete Project because it helps create a network of likeminded and passionate people; determined, respectful, inspired, courageous… this is just the beginning.

These 3 Roles in your Community

The Citizen Athlete Project Develops

  • Prospect

    Our Prospects need no particular qualifications, they just need to want to add to who and what they are as human beings, as Citizens… or, simply, “to BE Better”.


  • Sponsor

    Our Sponsors are the primary source for the content of the Citizen Athlete program, and exclusively selected and requested by the Citizen Athlete Prospect.


  • Certified Coach

    Our Certified Coaches are the critical link to the Citizen Athlete Project community, providing support and guidance to Prospects and Sponsors alike.


Which Role are You?