Benefits of Sponsorship

Being a Citizen Athlete Sponsor - the great stuff about it

  • Participate with Purpose

    Your Citizen Athlete Prospect believes that you are purpose-driven... sharing that part of You will enhance Your life.

  • Change the World

    You will have a positive Profound Affect on how someone sees the world and their ability to Evolve with it.

  • Learn Something about You

    It is an opportunity to connect with someone who believes that You are admirable, and to learn from that admiration.

Participate with Purpose...

A CITIZEN is one who Participates... an ATHLETE has purpose behind all their actions.

  • The Constitution of the United States of America states that a Citizen is one who Participates.

  • The Citizen Athlete Project is not about sports at all... it is about taking those things that great athletes have, and helping people realize they have them too.

  • "... online initiated, real-life activated..." Technology can create an understanding of ideas, but only physical experience can create real attributes - an indelible representation of an idea.