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The Certification

Citizen Coach

A program 30 Years in the making...

An online-initiated, real-life activated program dedicated to inspiring Happy AND Successful lives. We accomplish this by providing a basic understanding of our 7 Core Values (online – one at a time) followed by a physical experience based in the nature of each Core Value – as part of the Certification to be a Coach you will act in both roles for these experiences. After completing this process for each Value, a patch is awarded, plus a Citizen Athlete t-shirt for completion of the 7th Value – one of the cool bonuses of the Coach’s Certification.

The Citizen Coach Certification 3-Step Process 

Step 1: the Citizen Coach learns about a Core Value online and completes that Core Value’s quiz. 

Step 2: the Citizen Coach then experiences each value as a Prospect and as a Sponsor (not simultaneously in the same value), providing the unique experience base that only a Certified Citizen Coach can have.

Step 3: repeat Steps 1 & 2 until all 7 Core Values have been experienced as both a Citizen Athlete Prospect and a Citizen Athlete Sponsor… creating a Certified Citizen Coach!

... developing Happy AND Successful Lives.


Citizen Athlete Program

Citizen Athlete is a program built on the idea that real change only happens when something is challenging. That attributes, capacities and values are grown (not learned) from experiences – especially experiences shared with others… that Discovery Journey programs inspire real change, inspire personal Evolution.

Citizen Athlete - 7 Core Values

These are the 7 Core Values the Citizen Athlete Prospect will Experience and Cultivate with their 7 Citizen Athlete Sponsors.
  • Determination

  • Equality

  • Respect

  • Excellence

  • Inspiration

  • Courage

  • Friendship

Citizen Coach Certification

Citizen Coach is a certification program built on the idea that experiencing all aspects of a system creates quality resourcing. That connecting people and creating community requires understanding how to cultivate potential – supporting people… that Happy & Successful lives can BE inspired and experienced.

Citizen Coach's Focus

These are the 7 Core Focuses the Citizen Citizen Coach will have to create their Connecting and Community building tools.

The Participants

Our program requires two kinds of participants, a Prospect and a Sponsor. We resist terms like student and teacher or mentor because we believe that great life-forming experiences come from an environment of sharing, rather than from a hierarchical teacher / student relationship. 

The Prospect

noun | ‘präˌspekt’ | def > 2. a Person regarded as likely to succeed.

  • To us, a Prospect is anyone who takes action and lives their Life. 
  • Our Prospects need no particular qualifications except to be 12 years of age or more (no upper limit) and to want to add to who and what they are as human beings… or, simply, “to BE Better”.

The Sponsor

noun | ˈspänsər’ | def > 5. to act as sponsor; promise or vouch for; a patron, a backer.

  • To us, a Sponsor is anyone who the Prospect feels is endowed with a particular Value. 
  • Our Sponsors need no special training to successfully guide the Prospect through their experiences – they only need our Sponsor’s Manual to be a great guide.
The Time
Each Value requires a different amount of time to accomplish; some as little as a few hours and others as much as 8 or 9 hours. Program completion can be expected between 10 and 20 weeks – the time requirement is one of the qualifying factors that make your efforts and experiences Certifiable.

Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to the development of Happy AND Successful lives. 

Our program is inspired by nearly 30 years of working with great people from all walks of life – great athletes, incredible citizens, passionate coaches and dedicated educators. Coach Rhino has observed that these folks are no different than anyone else with one exception; they live by, and for, a set of values and standards that gives their lives direction and purpose. 

Without direction and purpose we don’t know where we are going or why we are doing whatever it is we do. The Citizen Athlete Program provides the fundamental tools necessary to build a Great Life – the Citizen Athlete Program will give you the tools you need to find your direction and purpose. 

We believe to create positive life-forming opportunities, we need to remove all sense of stress and work, so our program is designed to be enjoyable and adventurous (and a little challenging).